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Below: Viga Boland discusses her 2 books in interviews with Bob Cowan on CHCH TV MORNING LIVE. Also, the BOOK TRAILER for the Gold Medal winning, “No Tears for my Father”.

Interviews with Bob Cowan of CHCH TV about "NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER" and "LEARNING TO LOVE MYSELF"

Why does a woman wait 45 years to finally tell the truth about the physical, mental and sexual abuse she endured for 13 years at the hands of her biological father? Viga Boland shares her story with Bob Cowan, host of CHCH TV'S MORNING SHOW, Sept. 13, 2013. Below it, Viga revisits Bob to discuss her second memoir of recovery, "Learning to Love Myself." The BOOK TRAILER below them, gives viewers an idea of what it's like to stay silent for so long!

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HONESTLY UNFORGETTABLE! You might forget a few of the books you pick up this year But you won’t forget this one. - Kate Walker I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! - Melissa Foley VIGA MAKES ME BELIEVE that survival is possible for any injustice that we experience in our life. - Melanie MacNamara WHAT A GREAT READ! - Diane Quinn A PILLAR OF STRENGTH! - Lisa Botelho GUT-WRENCHING MEMOIR and HAUNTING POETRY - Heather Lamb I HAVE NEVER READ ANY BOOK THAT FAST! - Angel Jackson I am the first male reader to review “No Tears for My Father” on this page. I’m sure any other male who appreciates a true, superbly written, powerful human interest story would find the book as difficult to put down as I did. After receiving it by post yesterday lunchtime I finished reading the book this morning at 4 a.m., unable to sleep until I had read the last page. - Billy Morgan