About Viga Boland

About Viga Boland

VigaBolandVIGA BOLAND is the author of 4 memoirs, available through this website and the usual online distributors. 3 of Viga’s memoirs, beginning with the popular, gold medal winning, “NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER” deal with the childhood sexual abuse she endured as a teen, along with her recovery. The 4th memoir, The Ladies of Loretto, available ONLY from this site, is a humorous recollection of her days as a student at Loretto College School in Toronto.

Since her twenties, Viga has had articles, book reviews and interviews published in magazines and won awards for her poetry. She currently mentors Memoir Writing Workshops for her local public library in Hamilton, Ontario, and invites speaking engagements from interested organizations and clubs. At the present time, July 2016, Viga has been writing her book on how to write memoir, loosely titled “Don’t Write your MEmoir without ME!” If  you’re interested in memoir writing, you’ll want this book. Viga hopes to have it available by Sept 2016.

Viga is an avid reader and began reviewing books for publications in the 70’s. At one time, she was the book review editor for “The Canadian Author & Bookman”, during which time she also interviewed MARGARET LAWRENCE for that publication, the official magazine of the The Canadian Authors Association. Most recently, Viga’s paid book review work has been for READERS FAVORITE As of July 2016, Viga is inviting memoir and fiction authors to submit their books directly to her for book reviews via this site or her sister site at VIANVI. Please visit the FAQ’s link at VIANVI for full details.  Viga’s book reviews will be published on this site, and/or Vianvi, and/or MEMOIRABILIA, her podcasting website for Memoir writers, along with Goodreads.

Viga enjoys blogging, and most recently, has embarked on PODCASTING as well. She Podcasts book reviews, personal reflections and excerpts from books by other authors  from her three sites: Vigaboland.com, Vianvi, and Memoirabilia. Those who enjoy Podcasts can subscribe to Viga’s Podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and GooglePlay.

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Viga is passionate about helping others overcome the pain of child sexual abuse and getting victims to stop the silence that contributes to continuing violence and abuse. She urges all to speak out from under incest and child sexual abuse for the sake of today’s child and tomorrow’s adult. She invites you to visit her blog on this topic at “Come Out from Under Incest”.  Visit the VIDEO page on this site to see and listen to what Viga has to say about “No Tears for My Father” and the subject of child sexual abuse.