Channel Your Conflict and Write, Write, Write!


  1. Tana Bevan
    Tana Bevan July 14, 2014 at 5:45 pm .

    Wow! Thank you Viga. As I told you, this is the first “guest post” I’ve written. I am honored and truth be told, tickled pink to see it here (along with your very kind words). Hard to believe two weeks ago I’d not heard of you or your book “No Tears for my Father,” and now your name has been added to the list of women I admire. Thank you again for putting your story “out there.” I KNOW it will help many others others “come out from under.”

    As for doodles, well they are definitely near and dear to me. I’m letting it be known I am always available–just a few clicks away–to discuss how doodles can add that “something extra” to whatever project a person has in mind, be they stand-alone or in conjunction with writing.

    Thank you again for the invite to contribute to your blog, and allowing me to clap and cheer for your success.

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