1. Danielle Parent
    Danielle Parent October 23, 2013 at 8:08 pm .

    “Your poems are very touching ..very powerful, and not sugar coated, describing with precision the ugliness of the abuse and its destructive long term effect on one’s self-image and personality. Without being self loathed or bashing in one particular the poems are condemning the actions from the perpetrators, and the lack of actions from the onlookers, definitely bringing to light the silence and shame being imposed on the victims of abuse..(in every form and shape or spectrum of the abuse..not only sexual, but emotional, physical)

    You definitely paint mental canvasses in the readers’ minds with words strategically and artistically composed! Your poems hit like a ton of bricks at those who pretend that everything is alright around them, that nothing is going on..denial of reality. They are tearing down the mask of the ones who by their silences are enabling the abuse to happen and can no longer pretend it isn’t.
    They are just as guilty by their silence as the pedophiles. Plain and simple! As an old advertisement used to say .. You come a long way..baby!”

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