Vigaland Book Podcast #11 of the Memoir, 


written and narrated here by Viga Boland

It’s another school day morning. But the class in Incest 101 is already over long before the girl sets out for the elementary school where the teachers will talk about God, religion and what it means to be a good person before they launch into the regular academic subjects.

The girl’s first teacher each school day is her biological father. He instructs her in sex education every morning before school. He is a good teacher. He believes in showing, rather than telling. He calls her to his bed each morning before she leaves for school and her father leaves for work. Her mother has left for work over an hour earlier. This makes it very easy for him to educate his daughter in incest 101 without fear of being found out. And he has made sure his daughter will never tell either.


Because she is so afraid of him.


Because when he tells her to do something, he roars like a furious animal and expects her to obey.

Because he has told her that her mother wouldn’t like it but not explained why.

The daughter is naive. It’s 1957. She doesn’t know much about sex, let alone incest. Besides, her father has told her all fathers do this to their children, that in some cultures it’s a rite of passage for fathers to prepare their daughters for their eventual husbands.

There is no-one she can ask about this. She is an only child. She has no relatives in Canada…no grandparents, aunts, uncles. Their family is just the three of them: mother, father and daughter. They don’t teach sex ed in the schools in the late 1950’s. All she knows, and she doesn’t know how she knows this, is that what her father is teaching her, showing her each morning doesn’t feel right. Incest 101 makes her feel sick, dirty. Incest 101 makes her want to vomit!

In Vigaland Book Podcast #11, we get into the nitty gritty of how the author’s father’s abuse of her escalated. We hear how cleverly he manipulated her, groomed her for what would become a pattern of abuse for over a decade. This is a short podcast by comparison to Podcast #10. It is intense and not for the faint of heart or stomach. Thanks for listening to Chapter 9, “Incest 101, of the memoir, “NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER”. 

Impatient to know what happens next?

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  1. You write so well Viga. Incest 101 is tongue-in-cheek is such a way that your point about the wrongness of the “lessons” hits directly in the gut. My heart is wrenched all over again, although I read your book several years ago now. No child should be subjected to this terror.

    • Thank you for the compliment Heather. But even more, thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave me a comment. I so wonder if I am wasting my time posting things on my various sites, let alone the hours I put into podcasting, in this case, podcasting my entire book! I am, in effect, giving it away for free. Sadly I have no real way of knowing just how many are even following the podcasts on this site or via i-Tunes or Stitcher. Few to no stats. It’s quite discouraging. My only reassurance comes from the fact that this one book, “NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER”, continues to sell, at least on Amazon. But does that have anything at all to do with these podcasts or am I just wasting my time and efforts. Guess I’ll never know. Though I know you probably don’t listen to the podcasts of the book ie. why would you when you’ve already read it, it’s nice to know someone is still subscribed to my blog and cares enough to leave me a comment. Thanks so much!