Learning to Love Myself

Learning to Love Myself


by Viga Boland

LTLM-Front-RGBThis second memoir by Viga Boland, is the continuation of the true story of physical, mental and sexual abuse by her father that she told in the Gold Medal winning book, “NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER”. But in this story, the focus is on Viga’s rebirth and recovery from that abuse and subsequent self-discovery of a person who deserved to be loved and to love herself.  A much easier read for most people, “LEARNING to LOVE MYSELF” confirms that you can move on and enjoy a productive and fulfilling life after abuse if you put the past behind you and take hold of your own future.

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Just as “No Tears for my Father” did, “LEARNING TO LOVE MYSELF” is earning 5-star ratings from readers.  What are these readers saying about “Learning to Love Myself”?

An inspirational book – a must read!
This is an incredibly powerful book, where the author, Viga Boland, takes you through the joys, fears, challenges of the life as a young married woman who is concealing an devastating secret from those she loves the most. The reader follows right along side the author, on her journey to discover who she really is, demonstrating her seemingly unwavering strength, her ability to persevere and overcome the challenges in her life. Viga will have you laughing, crying and nervously anticipating what awaits on the next pages. This book is a must read…It is absolutely inspirational!
“An Amazing Follow-up to an Incredible Journey”
Shortly after reading “No Tears For My Father” I purchased “Learning To Love Myself.” The first book left me speechless…left me angry…left me feeling such sadness for the injustice that one beautiful woman had to endure – at the hands of her father. Thoughts of her experiences flitted through my mind every day since finishing the first book. How did she endure? How did she go on living? How did she survive? The answers came in Part 2: Learning To Love Myself. I couldn’t believe that the woman I had the pleasure of meeting in Miami at the Readers’ Favorite Awards was the same woman in No Tears For My Father. What I did find out is how strong she is and her resiliency amazes me.
She suffered through enormous emotional attacks at the hands of her father…all the while being loved unconditionally by her husband, children and friends. This woman moved cross-continent numerous times and managed to “find herself” each time she started over; finding new jobs, making new friends and picking up the pieces. People gravitate toward her…making her a stand-out in the companies she worked for in both Canada and Australia. She lives for her children (as a parent, I can identify with that!) and would do anything to help make their dreams come true. I do believe that Viga Boland has a guardian angel watching over her. She has learned that being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It just means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Learning To Love Myself comes full-circle from the first book. Do yourself a favor…read No Tears For My Father first…then walk alongside this woman as she learns to love herself…in Part 2. You’ll be glad that you did.

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