mem-mag-cover-560Back in January 2015, Viga Boland launched a printed publication for memoir writers titled  MEMOIRABILIA”. This beautiful, full colour publication offered advice and opportunities for Memoir writers to learn more about Memoir writing, and also to be featured in the magazine.

Unfortunately, publication costs proved too high so Viga discontinued the printed version of the magazine at the end of 2015. However, the online site at continues to thrive and grow. It features advice and podcasted book reviews by Viga Boland of memoirs she has read. 

Digital issues of the former Memoirabilia magazine are still available from Viga Boland’s STORE on this site. Printed issues of all editions  of MEMOIRABILIA are now SOLD OUT, but you can still purchase PRINTED COPIES from BLURB at this link:

Memoir writers are invited to join our MEMOIRABILIA GROUP on FACEBOOK! That’s where both published and unpublished memoirists can get together to share ideas, experiences in publishing, resources and links on memoir writing, and chat about great memoirs they are reading or have read.

And as of August 2016, those interested in writing memoir may wish to purchase Viga Boland’s newest and 6th book, “Don’t Write Your MEmoir without ME!”, a motivational workbook and guide for would-be memoir writers. Easy and quick to read, this book also features some of the stories originally printed in Memoirabilia magazine.



  1. vigaland
    vigaland January 17, 2015 at 5:49 pm .

    Just received this lovely comment from a reader of Memoirabilia. Whoo-hoo! She wrote:




  2. Billy Morgan
    Billy Morgan February 1, 2015 at 5:01 pm .

    The Memoirabilia magazine offers plenty of useful advice for anyone wishing to write a memoir. It also mentions the therapeutic benefits of memoir writing. Writing down ones mistakes and successes can be a helpful guide to planning ones future and healing past wounds.

    I saw Lauren Bacall on TV talking about her biography, “By Myself”, and she said once she got started she was amazed how one memory lead to another, memories that had been hiding in the back of her mind for years. So if you are procrastinating about memoir writing a great place to start is by following the advice in Viga Boland’s Memoirabillia. The magazine also contains entertaining and sometimes touching vignettes by Viga’s friends and students. I feel flattered that Viga printed my little vignette right next to her excellent poem, “Bentley”.

    I found Viga’s interview with Barbara Studham very interesting. Barbara’s memoir “Twenty Decades of Diapers” is about her single-handedly raising four grandchildren with fetal alcohol syndrome. That made my problems seem pretty small. At the end of the magazine there are short reviews of other author’s memoirs centered around various topics that could help any reader who has had to deal with similar problems and also provide reading of general interest.

    Congratulations Viga on creating a very interesting magazine that is beautifully laid out with many color pictures.

  3. LB Johnson
    LB Johnson February 3, 2015 at 6:32 pm .

    I really look forward to it. After finishing your immensely rich second book I just had to explore it a bit. Writing a memoir was both fun and satisfying and I’m glad you are providing the inspiration and tools for others.

    Dr. L. B. Johnson – author of the Amazon Best Seller “The Book of Barkley”.

  4. vineyard24
    vineyard24 March 15, 2015 at 10:06 am .

    I just learned of this beautiful magazine. Thank you for the creation and thank you for providing more opportunities for my writing and the writing of others. It’s been a really long winter here in the Northeast and writing can get one through. Good luck with this venture and showcasing, also, what is a skillful, ‘draw me in’, style of writing.

  5. LB Johnson
    LB Johnson March 15, 2015 at 9:51 pm .

    This is a beautiful publication that will resonate with anyone writing a memoir or just wanting to learn what wonderful pieces of work there are out there waiting to be read. I’m so glad I got to read your book and through it, find this magazine. As a first time author, and a woman, it’s great to meet and learn from kindred spirits

    LB Johnson – author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller “The Book of Barkley – Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever.”

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