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No Tears for my Father: A True Story of Incest

By Cyndi Ingle, editor and webmaster of


How does a woman maintain her sanity and self-esteem and survive years of unspeakable mental, physical and sexual abuse by the very person who is supposed to care for her and guide her development into a healthy adult?  Where does she find the inner strength to face her painful past, and to start an online support group for other survivors of incest?  What leads this same powerhouse of a woman to write her first book, describing the abuse in graphic and heartbreaking detail?

In the case of Hamilton based author and poet Viga Boland, the extraordinary author of No Tears for my Father, the push to release her story has come from her supportive family – husband John, and daughters Kimberley and Victoria.  One of the compelling reasons that she chose to tell her story in her 60’s is the knowledge that there are many, many other survivors of incest and child sexual abuse who need confirmation that they are not alone, or in any way responsible for causing the sexual acts that an adult inflicted on them.

… Viga, the dynamo, will be making an appearance on September 13/13 on CHCH on Morning Live, joining Bob Cowan to discuss her book…

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On September 13, 2013, Hamilton TV STATION, CHCH invited author, Viga Boland, to visit with them on their MORNING LIVE show to discuss and promote her book, NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER, a true story of incest.  

BELOW: Watch this 5-minute interview between Viga Boland and Bob Cowan, co-host of CHCH TV’s Morning Live show. 



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