Learning to Love Myself (.ePub)

Learning to Love Myself (.ePub)


“Learning to Love Myself” is the continuation, Part 2, of the memoir of unwanted incest shared by the author in her Gold Medal winning book, “No Tears for My Father”. Readers will enjoy reading how the author recovered and discovered her true self through the love of her husband and children. A true, feel-good story!




NOTE: This is the ELECTRONIC VERSION of “Learning to Love Myself” which will work on your NOOK, KOBO,  iPAD (using iBooks App) or other reader

“Learning to Love Myself” is the continuation of the memoir of incest by her biological father that Viga Boland revealed in her  award-winning  memoir, “NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER”.  Viga was the victim by her father for 14 years. She told no-one, including her husband and children, until she was 65. With their encouragement, she went public with her story.

Now, at the request of readers and fans of her writing who want to know what happened after she got away from her abuser, she shares the next 40 years of her recovery through the love of her husband and children.  She uses the pain and struggles of her dark past to grow in strength, self-esteem and love for herself.

But in keeping silent about the abuse for over 40 years of marriage, Viga indirectly also made her husband a victim of her narcissistic father. Yet her husband stood strong beside her, even after he discovered the truth. That’s true love.

“Learning to Love Myself” is a memoir of rebirth and recovery from abuse. But above all, it is a love story: the love of husband and wife, the love of children, and the love of self.

Just as in “No Tears for my Father”, the book contains some poetry and many pages of family photos. This is the ELECTRONIC VERSION which will work on your NOOK, KOBO,  iPAD (using iBooks App) or other reader


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