Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.46.20 PMMemoirabilia is the magazine for those who want to write memoir and don’t know where and how to start.

But Memoirabilia Issue #4 is somewhat different as this is a SPECIAL ISSUE, low on advice and how-to and high on stories, poems, editorials from over 30 writers who have submitted their creations for readers to enjoy during the lazier summer months. 

As always, we have included an interview with talented memoirist, LB Johnson, author of “The Book of Barkley” who has just released her beautiful, sometimes disturbing but touching story of adoption, her own and eventually, that of her daughter, “Saving Grace”

And along with LB’s interview, we offer you a selection of humorous memoirs, painful recollections and poems of time, place and people that will touch your heart and make you recall similar experiences in your own life. 

If you don’t write memoir, but love to read memoirs by others, don’t miss picking up Memoirabilia #4. It’s a “bonanza” reading issue. 



Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.46.20 PM


MEMOIRABILIA ISSUE 4 is a SPECIAL SUMMER READING ISSUE, as much for readers of memoir as writers of memoir. Readers will delight in the mixture of humorous and painful stories, poems, and reflections of people just like themselves. These 30 writers share their recollections of living on farms and in the streets, or travelling to home countries to find relatives or travelling to new countries for work. They tell us of murder and mayhem, childish pranks and adult oddities. You’ll find it all in Memoirabilia Issue #4, along with clickable links, in this .pdf version to author pages and blogs.

And as in all issues of Memoirabilia, Issue #4 features an interview with an author, this time LB Johnson, who wrote “The Story of Barkley”. LB has a new book for her fans, and it’s already reached #1 in its category on Amazon. It’s titled “Saving Grace”, a beautiful and touching story of adoption that is a interesting blend of memoir and reflection on the anomalies of life.

To order Memoirabilia #4 in digital, .pdf format for your iPad or computer, just visit this website’s store and click “Buy Now” for an instant download. Enjoy!


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