This is the electronic (.pdf) version of Memoirabilia #5 which can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or iPad. It contains clickable links to the authors and editors whose stories, poems and articles are featured in this FINAL EDITION of our magazine for memoir writers. Learn more about what you’ll find inside in the longer product description below.
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You can order and pay for this version using PayPal and you will get a link to download your copy instantly. As this is the last issue of this magazine that will be published, it’s a good one to add to your information file on memoir writing. For further information on MEMOIRABILIA, visit the MEMOIRABILIA WEBSITE and subscribe to the BLOG, so you can continue to receive more great contributions from the talented writers and editors at Memoirabilia. And if you’re on Facebook, and love to write memoir, and get ideas and encouragement from others who have done so, join us at


MEMOIRABILIA ISSUE 5 – FINAL EDITION (.pdf)Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.02.43 PM

MEMOIRABILIA ISSUE 5 is the FINAL EDITION of our magazine for memoir writers. And what a wonderful issue it is. It’s full of memorable short stories and poems by talented memoir writers from our Facebook group, and has contributions from highly regarded teachers and authors on the subject of how to write…not just memoir…but anything.

We’re very excited to share with you a guest editorial by BARBARA TURNER VESSELAGO, the recognized expert on “freefall writing”. What’s that? Read Memoirabilia #5 to find out just enough to get you excited about looking into it further. And once again we bring you articles by Denis LeDoux of THE MEMOIR NETWORK and Matilda Butler of WOMENS MEMOIRS.COM. Denis tells you how to get “More Show and Less Tell” into your writing, an area in which so many writers struggle. Matilda reminds us not to rush our memoir, to slow down so the reader can feel and sense all you felt and sensed. BARBARA STUDHAM, the author of 2 Memoirs and several fiction books helps us know the difference between prologues, prefaces, forewords and more, while LINDA ROBINSON BRENDLE gives some great advice on how to write a memoir without being disowned. Great reading for memoir writers? You bet it is!

And here’s one more reason to invest in MEMOIRABILIA #5: it’s our very FINAL edition of our magazine. The printed issues have all already been spoken for but you’ll always be able to get this electronic version, with lots of clickable links, to read on your computer. So buy your copy now and enjoy MEMOIRABILIA #5 FINAL EDITION.


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