VOICE COVER 2When a father physically, mentally and sexually abuses his daughter from ages 11-23, why does her mother do nothing? Has the mother enabled this situation? Did she want this to happen? Why didn’t she step in and help her daughter? What kind of mother does nothing” Or, did this mother even know? 

These are the questions readers of Viga Boland’s first memoir, “No Tears for my Father” were asking after reading the graphic details of her true story of incest. It was an ugly secret Viga Boland had kept hidden for over 45 years. She told no-one, including her husband, until she was 65. Now, in “Voice from an Urn”, Viga addresses her readers’ questions through her mother’s own words. 

Find out why her mother did nothing as together they fill in the blanks about those tension-filled years of secrecy. This is Part 3 of the story begun in “No Tears for my Father”, a return to the horror of those years after the oasis offered in Part 2, “Learning to Love Myself”, Viga’s memoir of recovery and rebirth.

“Voice from an Urn” is another gripping true story by Viga Boland, written for BOTH victims of incest: the children and their mothers. But it is also a story of unspoken love between a mother and child. At the end of the book, the author includes an editorial, with references, presenting her afterthoughts on her mother’s disclosure, along with the results of research she has done on the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters victimized by an incestuous situation in their home.

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VOICE FROM AN URN: a mother’s side of her daughter’s true story of incest

VOICE COVER 2VOICE from an URN answers the questions asked by readers of Viga Boland’s first memoir of incest, “No Tears for my Father”. Questions like “Did your mother know what your father was doing to you?” “Why didn’t your mother do something to help you when you were being sexually abused by your father? And the biggest question of all: “Why does a mother do nothing when her husband is physically, mentally and sexually abusing his daughter?” In this third book of this series which began with “No Tears for my Father”, Viga Boland uses her mother’s own voice and words to tell her side of her daughter’s true story of incest.

The role of mothers in cases of incest has long been a troubling area for victims and those to whom they turn for therapy. Many victims hate their mothers for doing nothing to help them, while not understanding why this would be so. There are as many possibilities, as many explanations as there are victims. “Voice from an Urn” is only one mother’s story as it pertains to herself and her child. Read it and decide the answers to the above questions for yourself.

The author has included an editorial based on her research and conclusions at the end of this story that victims and their mothers will want to read. 

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