1. Nancy Gustafson
    Nancy Gustafson July 6, 2017 at 11:14 am .

    Thank goodness the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church came to light. The faith of Catholics, such as myself, who were oblivious to it underwent a trial by fire. It was necessary to make a choice: leave it or work to change it. For me, it required separating the 2000-year-old treasury of our faith from human frailty. And I saw that the scandal brought an awareness that this devastating abuse happens in many organizations, as well as some very good-looking families. Our church has instituted many safeguards now, thank goodness. No one is even allowed to accompany children on a bus unless they take a course on protecting our children from such abuses. I think we can never stick our heads in the sand and think we have eliminated this horror. We can’t fight it unless we can see it. Thank goodness for people like Mary Dispenza and Viga Boland, whose bravery makes a difference in our world.

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